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Cheekey is a variation of the word cheeky. Specifically, Cheekey is used to describe a rude or obnoxious behavior caused by the technologically-impaired. You are being Cheekey when you accidentally hang up on someone, press mute without knowing, dial numbers when talking, or coughing into the phone - REALLY? Learn some phone etiquette.
"Did you just hang up on me? Your a cheekey bastard"

"Did he just break up with me over text? So Cheekey"

"Damn Autocorrect..freakin' cheekey phone"

"You Cheekey bugger" (James Bond reference)
by The Cheekey Monkey February 12, 2012
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cleverly funny, witty.
During Comic-Con, a mullet is considered a superhero" that's pretty cheekey
by mattman2900 September 04, 2010

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