Chaze- A pattern in someones pubic hair.
Im goin to the club on friday but before I go I gotta fix my chaze.
by DaddyLongLegs October 06, 2004
Top Definition
One of the coolest guys around. Probably the life of the party and the funniest person on planet Earth, and not the mention one of the sexiest. This guy is cool to hang around and all the ladies love him.
Guy 1: "Man look at that guy over there surrounded by all those ladies"

Guy 2: "Yeah he is such a Chaze"
by Angry Bowzer February 01, 2011
To Chill And Laze.

Chill + Laze = Chaze
Man Im Knackered, Im Gonna Chaze Now
by FlakeyBoi October 29, 2010
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