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A person who holds a severe hatered towards Chavs

Mainly used by Grebs and other people who are intimidates by the chavs.
I overheard a greb talkin about how much they hate (are scared of) chavs, what a Chavist they are!
by Crazy Joe February 02, 2005
Any one of the 50 million people who hold even a vague hatred for the 10 million tax dodging ASBO-magnetic council-estate dwelling fiends now labelled chavs, though originally known as scallies.
Oy whatcha doin cummin ontoh my ghetto turf! u sum kinda chavist!
by bulldozer conquers all! February 28, 2005
like rasism...but towards the chav instead of another eithnic background like indian, this can be againt or in favour of the chav, either way there scum
billy: chav scum get off my lawn
'chav': oh shit manz dat chavist
billy: i said get off

*at which point billy draws a spazz-12 shotgun and blows the dirty chavs face off*
by Michael Seaman May 12, 2006

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