CHA means anything you want it to mean.
hey you CHA get the CHA out the way before i CHA you right in the CHA.
by CHA? February 06, 2011
verb., an act of getting punked out, also a word used to mess up another's performance at a task
1. I had this bitch naked, my dick was almost in, then she said "No, i can't!". In other words, CHA BITCH!!

2. I was teeing off on the 18th hole, and Pete said CHAAA!!! so i duffed it.
He CHAed me
by Dufus Mahoney May 06, 2004
like to be speechless lik no words r replaced
like cha i thought we were going to the mall
by cruton moses February 18, 2004
a word to describe a feeling, usually a happy one.
also, often used to change the subject
superman555: cha cha cha
loppysides: hello! whats up?


-did you sleep with my brother or not?
-what? yes im happy too
by weir d ivide November 08, 2003
To own someone by way of chair rage
"Man, once I set up the dreaded chair defense, we just sat back and watched the other team be cha'd."

"I'm about to cha the hell out of these noobs!"
by Jamandy June 11, 2003
The nickname or description of a person that surfs.
CHA it up
You're so cha
by yhun October 12, 2007
A girl with unusually fake and blinding blond locks who's only reason in life is to spend daddy's money. Often chas travel in packs and their mating calls are shrill and irritating.
-Look at that cha. I think she got her head caught in an escalator at the mall.
-Thank God, that bitch deserves to die.
by Danwell max December 11, 2005
a chick who works at a Holister store or looks as if she should be. (normally extremely annoying and/or catty)
Colleen, why are there so many CHAs in our history class?
by Lauren K. November 13, 2005
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