A woman's all powerful vagina.
"Rugged and overused...Like my cha"
by Leah March 02, 2005
A phonetic word. You make a funny yucky face and fling your hand upwards in distaste or ridicule.
Guy: Will you go out with me?
Girl: With you??? Cha!
by Sabina July 30, 2004
Cha can be interchanged with the fallowing words:

Basically it's the all in one question word.
"Cha doing?" (1. What are you doing? 2. How are you doing? Etc.)
"Cha Going?" (1. Where you going. 2. Who is going? Etc.)
"Cha?" (What?)
by PrObLeM June 07, 2004
meaning alot of things...swearing or omg...its like saying well wutever i dont give or like omg thats awsum1
jon: ur not cool
rob: yes i am
jon: no ur not
rob: well cha
by Kayla January 24, 2004
a slang term for a person who is spanish who lives in North America
hey cha, what R U doing cha-cha
by Megan and Jacques Alfonso February 19, 2003
An acronym; Can't. Handle. A. Sesh. used to describe someone who is a lightweight, and therefor cannot handle a session - or sesh - of drinking.
He went home so early last night, he's such a CHAS.

How could you do that? You CHAS.
by chas-man October 08, 2011
Shortened form of the word Charlie referring to cocaine.
"Hey, line me up some cha."
by Christine C May 03, 2006

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