Originally derived from the Georide term for stealing and known by many different names, the charva is easily spotted by the Burberry caps (real ones are prized after they got taken off the market due to their supposed links to football hooliganism, so most are market stall copies), white tracksuits (well, normally white; some dare to be slightly different and go blue) and Rockport (or, again, knock-off versions of) boots. Females of their kind seem to have an obsession with garish gold jewellery- chunkier the better, and usually out of a catalogue. Commonly associated with TWOCing, ASBOs, underage pregnancy and car modding.
Oi, charva! Get away from me car yer theivin' git!
by sanctusmortis December 04, 2004
Charva is typically the northeastern variant of a word referring to a despicable species, also referred to as chavs, townies and various other things according to your region of the country.
Many people correctly assume the charva to be a subhuman type of animal, however they are incorrect in equating the charva with any kind of primate, as is often the case. Whereas primates display often complex social structures, emotions, and intelligent behaviour, the charva is completely devoid of such things. It is consequently a subhuman, subprimate and even submammalian form of life with more in common with the Amoeba than thinking creatures.
As such it is continually baffling that it is illegal to kill these things, but that's justice for you.
Identify your charva by it's preference for various labels of sportwear, such as Adidas, Kappa, Le Coq Sportif, Nike.
As is frequently pointed out, tracksuit bottoms are often tucked into the socks, the 'female' version of the charva has a massive fringe that you could probably slice vegatables with, and the 'male' form has typically short hair, caked in enough gel to drown a rhinocerous.
Both 'sexes' have a boisterous nature and believe that they could beat Sylvester Stallone in a fight despite being weedy and physically pathetic. If they attempt to start a fight for typically miniscule reasons please slap the creature about a bit to teach it a lesson it will rapidly forget.
Len' us twenny pence!
Giz a tab!
Lend,s a tab!
Hee ya! Are ya startin!?
Ah'll spark ye out!
by ArcticMongoose May 22, 2004
A teenager who wears cheap tracksuits (usually kappa, nike, addidas or an imitation of that), wears hair extremely short with an oversized fringe (male) or long scruffy hair with a huge oversized fringe. Uses an extremely overpronunced accent. Will pay other, older teenagers to "gan get us some tabscigarrettes)". Will usually procreate at 14, although some cases have known to procreate at age 8. Will enter prison between the ages of 18 and 24 where the shit will be kicked out of them.
An example is not provided as the image would destroy your computer and/or the internet.
by Blythy May 15, 2004
stupid idiots who think that th "beltas" coz th hav stolen hikin boots n a posh annorak.th think people who dont hav "rockies" r goths.
th drink cheap crap like bella brusco n hang round on corners askin 4 a fight.
use phrases with an accent cumin out th arse
"heya mann!wot u lukin at, man!"
"heya, u got a fukin light am gaspin!"
"those stupid arseholes wont serve me m tabs!"
by micki March 03, 2004
A gang, most commonly found in England, especially Newcastle and Manchester. Often violent, charvas are distinguished from other gangs by their dress, which is a mixture of the popular 'ska' and 'preppy' styles of the US in the mid to early 90's. Members of the Charva gang are generally disrespectful towards anyone they perceive to be different, and therefore less socially important than, themselves. Their hostility towards other groups, especially 'goths' and 'hippies', can often lead to outright violence, usually on the part of the charvas. Incidents of violence perpetrated by the charvas include rapes, beatings, and at least one case of lighting a man on fire. These criminal malcontents are extremely dangerous, arrogant, and vocal in their illusory superiority. Charvas are also generally anti-religious, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, or Christianity.
Clothes often include slacks, suspenders and white button up shirts. Shoes are generally pretentious but inexpensive, (i.e. 'rockports', thought to be expensive and top-of-the-line by the charvas, with their limited worldview and predilection for self-adoration).
by C. D. Eagle February 27, 2004
A person that likes to wear cheap, baggy sportswear. They often have names like Darren or Dean and live on run down council estates. There are a large number of 'Charvas' in places like Leeds, Manchester or Newcatsle. Charvas tend to listen to 'bangin' tunes and love to hear tunes such as Clubmix 2000. Charvas often drive old Vauxhall Novas with oversized spoilers, that make them look incredibly stupid. The charva has a very limited vocabulary that includes words such as: Crank, Slink and Fucking.
"I'll snap ya jaw, you fuckin crank"!!!
by Will Marshall December 18, 2003
mostly from housin estates in Sunderland and Newcastle...10x the jewellry of a normal person, fake burburry is a must, NOT FORGETTIN! ROCKPORTS,U r not a full charva without them!!!! AND BIG HOOPED EARRINGS.
male species usully walks with his hand down his pants and a wooly hat or cap placed right at the back of his head.
ew yea!(oy there)ya daft cunt ya gonna get smacked all awa by awa jimmy.(you are going to get seriously hurt by jimmy.)
by dude November 09, 2003

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