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Even the newborns have flaming tails. Unfamiliar with fire, babies are said to accidentally burn themselves. The flame on its tail show the strength of its life force. If it is weak, the flame also burns weakly. If it is healthy, the flame burns brightly. Obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.
I love you Charmander!
by Eyeballflyball July 07, 2003
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The entity of brick-shitting amazingness. It is an orange f*cking dinosaur with Fire on its tail. It can breathe fire, slash rocks to death with steel-claws and pretty much beat your shit. Do not mess with charmander. Do NOT mess with charmander.
Guy #1 - What was that?
Guy #2 - I think it was a Charmander!
Guy #1 - OH. TITS!
by Charmander1065 January 28, 2011
1. To refer to someone who is complaining/whining.
2. To complain/whine.
John: I hate playing Mario Kart with you guys. I suck so bad.
Brynner: Charmander?

John: I hate playing Mario Kart with you guys. I suck so bad.
Sean: Quit charmandering.
by Binnoob September 23, 2009
A particularly vicious red-headed whore. There have been reports of Charmanders swallowing men whole by way of their gaping and fiery vagina's.
Doug: What happened to Ted last night?

Mike: Oh he disappeared with that Charmander last night.
by charmanderlover July 01, 2010
the act of lighting a woman's asshole on fire and then licking it
Jerry: Got my first date with Mariah tonight
Tyrell: Oh well you know what you gotta do

Jerry: Whats that?
Tyrell: You gotta charmander that ass homie!
Jerry: Clearly
by tryje December 03, 2011
noun 1.)A hot ginger. 2.)An attractive redhead.
Rupert Grint is a charmander.
by anapinkk January 23, 2009
It is supposedly a red lizard with a match on its tail. This suposed match represents its life force.If it were to run out then the charmander would turn into ashs. Also, this species of pokemon seems to be very stupid as all it can say is Char and Charmander. It can only understand very simple commands- such as bite or lick. Furthermore, its red and really really whiney.
My love for you is like an eternal flame on a charmanders tail.
Micheal raped a Charmander
by Manraj Pander May 28, 2008

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