A chemical, drug-induced party sweat left in & on your clothing. Often after a party, but sometimes when you're at home watching internet videos at 5am.
After that New Years party, my blazer had a wicked Charlie Sheen.
by John Hollick December 31, 2014
a drug that will make your face melt off and your children weep over your exploded body.
I'm on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen.
by bigdaddylemon March 17, 2011
Simply Winning
Kobe Bryant did a Charlie Sheen for hitting that game winner vs the Suns.

Kobe Bryant also did a Charlie Sheen for getting away with rape. "I didn't do it." Wife, "I know you did." Kobe "Did I?" pulls out 8 carat diamond ring. Wife. *shakes head* unzips his pants.
by thisdude4545 March 11, 2011
A type of drug.
Reporter - Charlie, what type of drugs have you taken?

Charlie - The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen.
by EJ Isla March 05, 2011
Your very own psychotropic drug and/or alcoholic and/or drug mixture
hey dude, try this shrooms and tequila it's my charlie sheen, gets me f'ed up and superpowered with fiery fists
by nottinmatterz February 28, 2011
The act of snorting coke.
"Did you see that guy Charlie Sheening over there?"
"Wow, I have never seen anyone Charlie Sheen as much as he did."
by AlaskanBabyDoll March 11, 2012
Doing acid and cocaine. You aren't tripping, you aren't wasted, you're WINNING.
-hey man, i pulled a charlie sheen tonight, that's why i tried to kill your cat earlier.

-yeah, you looked like you were winning pretty hard.
by indieskirt May 25, 2011

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