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A small, conservative but close knit city perched on a hilltop about 30 miles from Cleveland. The maple syrup is great, and there's a plethora of pizza places, banks, and coffeeshops to choose from. High school kids drive large trucks, have many snow days, and many go on to attend Ohio University where they become even more awesome than they were before. Kids from Chardon will always have a soft spot for their little snowy town, even if they may consider it boring and never changing.
Hey bro, is that your tractor in the school parking lot?
-yea, you know how Chardon do.
by Your jolly neighbor December 13, 2010
(n.) a shortening of Chardonnay, a tasty white wine.
Wine Prude- "Good sir, what have you there?"

Gangsta- "Chardon, homeskillet! I'm swillin' like a villain!"

Wine Prude- "I beg your pardon, young man I was unable to understand you."

Gangsta- "I'm drinking Chardonnay, you stuffy fuck!"
by Da Sperminator April 26, 2011
lived in chardon for 19 is small town USA...the type of place that you always want to leave and then when you do you want to go back
home of a great public school football program
by jarod October 16, 2004
Small Northeastern City in Ohio. about 36 miles east of Cleveland. Chardon is As well the snow belt of Ohio. Basically they always get blasted by snow

Chardon is the capital of Geauga County. It is known for their maple syrup and their Maple Festival.

Home of the Hilltoppers (a man who climbs hills with his ice axe or something)
by lanksey March 30, 2009
Small "city" in northeast Ohio. Home of the Hilltoppers.
I went to the Maple Festival in Chardon.. it's the only exciting thing they have.
by anonymous November 09, 2003
a city in northeastern Ohio, home of the hilltoppers (TOPPER POWER!!) sweet football games, the maple festival, excellant (but small) schools and well thats about it :)
people of chardon are known as chardonians -- GO TOPPERS
by a chardonian July 01, 2005
Chardon is a small city in North-Eastern Ohio just a couple miles away from Cleveland. It is known as the 'Snow Belt' of Ohio. Most people there know everyone who lives there, the Maple Festival is held every year (so much fun. Chardon has a wondeful school district, and the football games are great fun.
I lived in Chardon for 20 years.
by Rooney123 October 10, 2010

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