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An offensively funny comment.
Damn, that was a chapelle if I ever saw one!
by zigdag September 23, 2004
funnius maximus
Dave Chapelle is the funniest comedian in the whole world.
by Aleks March 01, 2004
-Actor Dave Chapelle of 'Chapelle show' fame that airs on Comedy Central. Started out doing stand up, now is head writer and actor on his own show. Just signed a $55 Million dollar contract for only two years of his show - worth it.
That russel peters bitch is no chapelle.
by dkirk22 September 25, 2006
A black Nigga who is black and is a nigga

and is a black nigga


shut yo pcp cracked out teeth Chapelle or damn you one dark Chapelle
by just out of ju-v Dre April 21, 2005