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A name, a city in France, and in Virgina, a type of cream, lace and perfume. See "Château de Chantilly", a historic château located in Chantilly, France and "Chantilly Lace", a song by The Big Bopper.
I was listening to Chantilly Lace the other day. I love oldies!
by godlygal October 12, 2009
Area in fairfax county, where most people just smoke by fastfood joints for fun. about 50% are lower class, 40% middle class, and 10% upper upper manshion class. Chantilly is also known for having a pretty high std rate, with a 1:6 herpies rate. Sully Place and Greenbriar are the shopping centers in Chantilly where the MS-13, bloods, and southside gangsters jump eachother. Tilly is a pretty place to live but a terrible school to go to.
yo whats good for chantilly tonight?

just smokin some green by wendys, the usual.
by DCpt3 June 13, 2010
great school...better then OHS the fcker above me who started talkin shit why dont you bring your ass to tilly and say it to our face we'll show ya some school spirt
yea dude you just kick the shit outta of that cougar..
by gfkurselfohs May 02, 2005
One of the top schools in NOVA. The School Colors are Purple and White. Their Mascot is the Charger. Bhawoh Jue is an alumni from Chantilly, now playing in the NFL for the Sand Diego Chargers. Chantilly has one State Championship in Football in 96'. Chantilly stund Oakton at their Homecoming (21-0). Chantilly beat Westfield (for the first time) to become Northern Region Champs in 2006. Chantilly represented the Concord District in the AAA State Championship. They lost against Osbourn. Chantilly School Spirit is at it's peak compared to years past.
Westfield Guy: "We went undefeated and lost to Chantilly?, damn first time they beat us, damn it was for the Region Title too?"

Oakton Guy: "Damn, we got shut out on our Homecoming?, by Chantilly?"

Sports Recapper: "Chantilly's Fan Base in my opinion is the best in the state."
by TPP08 April 01, 2007
Simple Ghetto, May appear to be luxurious
Dude, why you hanging in Tilly?
by T.R.T April 21, 2005
A middle to upper class area about 26 miles outside of the nations capitol. Chantilly High School has a reputation for being Centreville High Schools rival in academics and sports. Anybody who knows anything knows that Westfield and Centreville are true rivals. Chantilly is known for its bright purple colors, its extreme junkies, as well as their outstanding student:STD ratio.Chantilly is great!
Chantilly Student:Hey. Whats Up? Wanna Make out?
Other School Student:Do i look like i want Herpes?
by George Boblucas April 27, 2006
Upper-middle class area in Northern Virgina. Best education, most money, and therefore the most drugs. Cops love to roam the streets busting parties because donut shops gotta close sometime.
Let's head up to Chantilly where we can find some quality weed and loose women
by fhewkjngilkrwjl February 27, 2005
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