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An extremely racist slang word. The equiveleant of calling some one a nigger, a chink, and a spikk at the same time. Not to be used in any cercumstances by anyone ever.
Yo guy look at that fucking trash champ over there, I say we bash him in.
by Dontevensayit March 30, 2010
2 9
Something that is boring, no fun, etc. Mostly in reference to a party. Also it can be addressed to clothing.
That party last night was champ as shit. We left and got something to eat instead.

Your pants champ, cuff them at the bottom.
by kerlii June 23, 2009
5 12
to drink or eat something in a rapid manner as to bypass any enjoyment of said item.
damn, he champed that soda real fast
by derek kadian January 24, 2009
3 10
n. child tamperer. name given to pedophiles in prison from inmates.
"have you seen the new guy in cell 23? i heard he's in here for being a champ"

"lets hope this champ will be dropping the soap"
by mother lover October 31, 2008
5 12
Vermont's counterpart to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, which has been theorized to possibly be a marine dinosaur that didn't get extinct when the space object slammed into the Yucatan and kicked up a lot of dust all those years ago. Between Vermont and New York State is Lake Champlain, which is reputed to have such a monster living there. So naturally because of the lake's name this beast is referred to by regional residents as the "Champ".
When I first visited Vermont I came from Montreal and drove a few hours thru the Quebec countryside. I went to St. Albans which is directly on the shores of Lake Champlain. The lovely Green Mountains were in view. I asked a nearby New Englander if that body of water was Lake Champlain. He said yes. I asked him if he'd ever seen the Champ, he said "Not lately".
by California Sun November 08, 2007
19 26
Something extremly awesome, tight, amazing.
That movie was so champ. That bud we smoked last night was champ.
by Chelseax10 June 17, 2007
7 14
A cool person you like and respect for doing something cool.
"Jose Reyes(Mets player) is a champ because he wears his socks high."
by 'Tomer July 08, 2005
9 16