a person, usually a close mate, that is totally cool, done something really stupid (but highly amusing) or has just picked up!
dude...your a champ!
by Joanne&Alyce October 08, 2003
to eat, drink, or take massive dump like a champion
scotty went to the 7/11 and champed a slurpee like a boss.
by theweave December 30, 2009
the coolest kid on earth. He can beat anyone at beer pong and no one can out drink him or out drunk him. Hes better than Chuck Norris.

He is known to pay for gas in knickels and sometimes dimes.
I would fill up my tank, but im Chris the CHamp martinez..
by pablorojas November 03, 2009
The thinkers and dreamers who become drunken singers. The ones that laugh at life and know they will never be right.
"Ahhh dude, you puked on your girlfriend's lap... you're a champ!"
by showmethepath May 06, 2009
the act of removing the tobacco and the cardboard layer from a black and mild, then replacing the tobacco so that it hits smoother. originally pioneered in Maryland State Penitentiary
ey yo. this black tastes like shit. champ the motherfucker before you blaze it next time.
by showerbenderover23 August 10, 2006
1) Wonderful! Great!;

2)Quality of excellence, topnotch-ness, or any other word that conveys a sense of superior greatness
"Champ!" (positive response to anything)
This rainbow roll sushi is CHAMP!
by Ashton Sanderson January 06, 2003
The King of Fucktards!
Thats my boss, he's the Champ
by boozepusher1 December 16, 2011

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