Used as a false term of endearment by child like men/women with superiority complexes in order speak down to their betters/peers. Acceptable usage from an elder to a junior only (i.e. Parent, Grandparent, Senior family member such as uncle or Sports Coach only)
"Here you go Champ" "Hi Champ"
by Teh Bloke December 31, 2014
A word used by lesbians to identify another lesbian in the street without making it obvious.
Oh my god check out that massive champ over there!
by Arcade82 March 30, 2015
the coolest kid on earth. He can beat anyone at beer pong and no one can out drink him or out drunk him. Hes better than Chuck Norris.

He is known to pay for gas in knickels and sometimes dimes.
I would fill up my tank, but im Chris the CHamp martinez..
by pablorojas November 03, 2009
a person, usually a close mate, that is totally cool, done something really stupid (but highly amusing) or has just picked up!
dude...your a champ!
by Joanne&Alyce October 08, 2003
1) Wonderful! Great!;

2)Quality of excellence, topnotch-ness, or any other word that conveys a sense of superior greatness
"Champ!" (positive response to anything)
This rainbow roll sushi is CHAMP!
by Ashton Sanderson January 06, 2003
Ability to do what ever one wants without any consequences.
Rick Bouchard is a champ, he yelled at his boss, left early, and returned drunk yelling at other employees and was not fired.
by corey bouchard February 16, 2010
deriving from the word champion it means good, great, fantastic.....if you are please it something it can be "champ"
e.g "i had the best night last night, it was so champ!"

"that skirt looks champ on you!"
by rachiepachie January 17, 2010
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