removing the "cancer paper" from a black & mild; also called freaking a mild

"Yo, you champ that mild?"
by Ms. Ashley August 08, 2006
A champ is a penis
Champ wasnt doing so good today.
Champ was alive and well today he was standing straight up
by Champ Stamped September 14, 2009
kool kid
wot a champ
by moo March 18, 2003
A Chode Cramp, cramping of the chode or gooch muscles, causing a sensation similar to chire.
I sneezed and i got champ
by Pat Mcglaughlin April 19, 2004
Someone who loves to sneak around.
And play games with friends.
Also loves to be humped
And could eventually be gay in the future.
1.) Hey that champ loves to sneak around.
by wordson94 September 17, 2008

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