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Done, okay, finished. In a physical state where further intoxication is unneeded. Often used as a polite refusal for more marijuana, alcohol, etc. Also used as a general term for reluctancy or unwillingness.
"Yo Lee, hit greens on this bowl."

"Aw, no thanks man, I'm champ from that last one."

"Bro, let's throw eggs at some traffic!"

"I'm champ on that, dude. Count me out."
by churnice January 08, 2013
A cool high ass mellow person. GCUE dubbed the term CHAMP which means Cool High Ass Mellow People. CHAMP
True fan of GCUE
It takes a champ to know a champ.
Do it how a champ supposed to.
Get zooted like a champ.
by flydopeGMONEY February 26, 2012
a piece of poop, usually the singular result of an entire bowel movement, that is so thick and long that it cannot be flushed by conventional means.

Longer Champs may fold under the strain of their own weight. Shorter, denser Champs are capable of standing on-end in the bowl.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm betting on the Champ.
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: Go look in your toilet!
Guy 2: Oh my, what have you done?!
Guy 1: It's the Champ! It won't be defeated.
Guy 2: You realize you're going to have to clean that up?
Guy 1: Just you try and see what happens!
Guy 2: You're such an @$$hole.
Guy 1: $10 win on the Champ!
by KFooLoo August 07, 2012
Someone, usually a female who takes it in the ass.
Man, that chick last night was such a champ
by K21x February 03, 2009
what your dad calls you when he forgets your name
Hey there, uhhh, ummmm, champ!
by sgt.lt. May 25, 2013
In jail a champ is the common name for a "receiver".
Hey champ, come over here and let daddy give you some love.
by Shawnstar February 06, 2014
The thinkers and dreamers who become drunken singers. The ones that laugh at life and know they will never be right.
"Ahhh dude, you puked on your girlfriend's lap... you're a champ!"
by showmethepath May 06, 2009