i dont wanna sound like a hater. bu here is MY 2 CENTS!
CHAMILIONAIRE is a wanksta. he claims that he smokes this and drinks that. but as a fact he was raised christian and dosent drick shit but cranberry juice. and smokes nothing peroid. and wht is this he chills with paul wall? paul wall is another fag! he is a fucking 30 year old guy wearing wht looks like braces. PPL GET THE FACT THT MOST PPL DONT LOOK GOOD IN GRILLES. the only rapper tht looks good with grilles is young buck. and i dont even think he is young anymore.
lastly i knoe all u "yes men" are just goin with the flow. "chamillionaire is sooo cool, cuz my buddy says he is". as lloyd banks says "all u yess men can kiss my ass". chamillionaire is a wanksta. and paul wall. ur white ass shouldent b rappin. the only good white rapper is Eminem. im not bein raciest so dont reply callin me a raciest. im waiting for the next great white rapper.
chamillionaire is a fag who pretends to b cool. u proably onl;y heard "ridin dirty" and think he is the best. if u listen to the rest of "sound of revenge" it is only a satisfactory album. now if u wanna hear a goiod album. dont get "the re-up", get encore. tht shit kills evrything. now thn to all u yes men. kiss my ass! -lloyd banks
by sears optical January 15, 2007
Top Definition
The illest southern rapper period!!!!!
Got a bullet-proof vest on my chest so i cant get shot by cupid.
by adrian aka CHATS February 16, 2004
The hardest rapper in da south right now
Chamillionaire goes hard
by jdogg July 22, 2003
chamillionaire aka King Koopa part of the "color changin click" one of the best underground rappers in Texas
yall got that new paul wall and chamillionaire album "Get Ya Mind Correct" ?

check out www.chamillionaire.com for info. on some of the best rappers in Texas .
by monique November 14, 2003
The hardest rapper period N!66a
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Chamillionaire is the greatest he is the future in hip hop.All about staken ends, my kind of nigga
"you know that feeling when your in love what do you call it? I Dont know, i only feel like that when I onpe my wallet." Masia aka KING KOOPA
by Gino Escobedo October 07, 2003
Tha realist rapper out here holdin it down for TEXAS. Can't no muthafucker touch him.
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
by Junior August 22, 2004
One throwed ass N*$$a. The Throwedest frestyler alive. The only rapper I know of with" Platnium Flows."
Koopa holla she no like./Obvious both ways that hoe dike./
by Quick December 24, 2003

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