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A term used for a stereotypical Dr Challenors boys school student.

The typical Challyboy will be the following
-Tall height
-Pasty, freckly and the majority of his body covered in acne, especially around the up pointed nose.
-Extremely Racist as are from upper middle class families with no culture or outside life.
- Pick on the weak, even of their own breed of challyboy have no understanding of the word empathy other
- Closet Homosexual as are restricted from female contact
-if not homosexual, terrible at talking to women. (usually stare and perve.)
-bad at sport other than pollo and fox hunting
-Unpleasent to look at and smell
-Walk with a hunched back, nose high in the air as possible ( the alpha male challyboys can dislocate their neck to show their "superiority") and usually in a zigzag as are unable to walk straight.
Why be a sailor when you can be a Challyboy?
by Challenorsnob September 06, 2010
A ChallyBoy is a boy who goes to Challenors Boys School and:
A) Thinks he is the shit because he is able to pay for people to like him.
B) Has a superiority complex because people as a whole regard ChallyBoys as really smart, but as a whole people are retarded.
C) A homosexual who is afraid of girls.
A)ChallyBoy: If you blow me u can have a ride in my porsche
B) Paul McKay
C) Peter Cant
by Scorerrific July 20, 2004
A term used mostly by the Amersham School, and similar schools in the area, because they want to look cool and hard for being stupid, but are actually retarded pricks who can't get a job because their own school is too shit to teach them properly.
HAHA ChallyBOY! (out the window of a car) Oh shit my dick just fell off.
by PekingDuck8 March 28, 2010
Correction, a chally boy is a boy that goes to challoners. Just cos they have an I.Q higher than their age (unlike the fucktards who started this entry) they get picked on. They are not rich, just smart. Plus we dont need to meet girls at school, thats what partays r for. Stupid kevs.
"Just cos those chally boys are smarter than you, you feel threatened."
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
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