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A term used for a stereotypical Dr Challenors boys school student.

The typical Challyboy will be the following
-Tall height
-Pasty, freckly and the majority of his body covered in acne, especially around the up pointed nose.
-Extremely Racist as are from upper middle class families with no culture or outside life.
- Pick on the weak, even of their own breed of challyboy have no understanding of the word empathy other
- Closet Homosexual as are restricted from female contact
-if not homosexual, terrible at talking to women. (usually stare and perve.)
-bad at sport other than pollo and fox hunting
-Unpleasent to look at and smell
-Walk with a hunched back, nose high in the air as possible ( the alpha male challyboys can dislocate their neck to show their "superiority") and usually in a zigzag as are unable to walk straight.
Why be a sailor when you can be a Challyboy?
by Challenorsnob September 06, 2010
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