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The Jewish version of Holler!
Mike: "I got us front row tickets to the Fiddler on the Roof!"

Ian: "Challah!"
by icwish July 17, 2010
6 3
Really tasty bread made by the wonderous Jews.

Pronounced "Holla", with some weird cuhhhhh noise at the beginning.
Me: How much does the Challah Cost?

*Everyone around the table stares at me*
by Yumliciousness August 24, 2009
68 12
A type of white, leavened bread that Jewish people (M.O.T.s) eat. It is pronounced the same as "holla".
I told that Jewish girl to give me a holla sometime, then she showed up at the crib couple of days later carrying a loaf of bread.

Tom: "This party is bernie."
Jon: "Let's bake like challah and leaven."
Bob: "Stop being such a M.O.T."
by Nick D May 30, 2004
69 24
dough braided and baked to form the most kick-ass bread in the world
Challah hits the spot.
by snorgle October 18, 2003
60 28
To get a hold of someone sooner than later.

To hurry and call someone back or "get back" to them.
It was not coo that the shawty didn't challah back.

Please challah at your boy.

Tell Spence and Michael to challah at a friend when they are done outside in the yard.
by Ophelia Fate July 18, 2010
6 7
Spelling of the word "holla" that uses correct throat emphasis and, therefore, causes the speaker to pronounce the word "holla" correctly.
Challah back young'un!
by sc2grrl July 28, 2009
2 7
Used by Jewish americans instead of the word holla
challah at me before sundown
by Peter Nurman April 16, 2007
15 20