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Male ejaculates off of a three story building and shoots his cum on to unsusspecting persons below.
Kyle was the Fiddler on the Roof, he gave Stephenia a cum shower.
by Rick Dick 69 so fine March 07, 2011
When you sit naked on your sexual partner's head, placing your testicles on their forehead and have your partner jerk you off.
Last night, I made my girlfriend play fiddler on the roof, she was not pleased, and now we aren't talking.
by TeirGas February 12, 2008
The act of having intercourse with a whale's blow-hole.
I paid good money for this whale watch just so I could try out the fiddler on the roof position.
by fsch January 25, 2011
The sexual act of jumping ontop of someone named Bobby while playing the semen game. See SEMEN GAME.
We were so playing Prince of Persia when that bastard Joe yelled SEMEN and i was off on Bobby like nobody's business.
by 0WN3D November 25, 2003
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