Word mistakened at a Great Harvest bread store by Serena as pronounced (cha-la-la)instead of the jewish bread pronunciation. Also battle cry started by a group of Radnor Middle School 8th grade students 2007. Another way of saying hey baby.Just about has a definition for every expression. The word is changed for certain things.
"Can I have a slice of...Challah please?"
"it's pronounced (holla)"


"ChaLAlah." (emphasis on the LA)

"I'm feeling Challahtastic."

"Dude she totally challahed that sucker!"

"Aww god son of a challah."

"Yo challah wazzup?!" (as in person)

by Serena Coladonato November 10, 2007
Jewish way of saying holla
CHALLAH at a jew
by YLLIW January 30, 2004

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