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When a person ( or thing) is incredibly pumped or psyched about a certain something i.e. life, music,orange juice, forestry, or the mary jane etc. etc.
Dara: yo dude how u feelin?
Sierra and Kirsten: We are chalkin' so hard right now cuz-o-this candy right herrrrrrrrrrr
by Flodos September 20, 2010
to hint at someones death, with the chalk around their body at the crime scene.
Bro are you chalkin me right now?

Nah Dawg i would never kill you, we bros for life.
by Dylan Stanton December 03, 2010
When playing American pool, especially with urban dudes, it means shut your mouth, chalk your pool cue, and start playing
Quit talkin, start chalkin
by senior393jiver January 14, 2015
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