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Dark skinned beauty. Her mind is an amazing, curious, wonderfully twisting turning maze of sharp wits and caring heart. Her body is stunning, from her long, soft black hair, to her tight ticklish tummy, to her gorgeous deliciously curvy legs. Very shy, with an inner wild side that just blows you away.
"my girlfriend is better than yours"
"hows that?"
"Shes my chala" ;)
by Bru/Tiki July 12, 2011
A person...who is the best in the word. Someone...who is always there for you..and someone who loves you but she gets annoyed by you too..Someone...who is beautiful and hot...yet nice and soft at the same time. Someone..who just loves to talk to you...but doesnt want to say it..a tigress on the outside but an inner softie on the inside.
Look..there is my chala.
by JimBoy123456 November 01, 2011
a positive expression in Bolivia meaning cool, awesome, or nice.

Que chala tu casa!
Your house is really cool!

That movie was really chala
by maudi December 14, 2007
It is another word for yes. It it used in place of yes.
Eric:"Are you going to come with me."
Sam:"Chala, i will be coming with you."
by TheDevilMadeMeDoIt August 24, 2003
A term of endearment to a very large man; the word might have been shorted (like Pig Latin) from the phrase "pork chop" to "pork chala" and the "pork" was deleted
"Come here my little chala and give mama a kiss." OR "John Goodman is a hot chala."
by CEQUAS July 10, 2008
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