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An expression used excessively by a group of drag queens and drag queen wannabes circa 2006. It generally means something that's dope, sick, and very coveted but in a twisted kinda way.
"Gurl, that Wonder Woman lunch box is hot to death! Let's steal it!"
by CEQUAS June 25, 2008
Delicious food prepared and served by very attractive people; originated in a South Florida pizzeria called "Humpy's"
"My rosemary chicken pizza was humpalicious !"
by CEQUAS July 10, 2008
A term of endearment to a very large man; the word might have been shorted (like Pig Latin) from the phrase "pork chop" to "pork chala" and the "pork" was deleted
"Come here my little chala and give mama a kiss." OR "John Goodman is a hot chala."
by CEQUAS July 10, 2008

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