A text message, so named for it's annoying, distracting buzz.
"Dude, what's that sweet metal riff?"

"Yo, man, someone chainsawed me!"
by Mr Chainsaw June 15, 2009
an unforgettable character in the 1987 movie "summer school" played with relish and aplomb by actor dean cameron.

part of a great movie duo "chainsaw and dave" which preceded "bill & ted" by at least a year.
chainsaw was my favorite part of "summer school".
by francis gremp July 26, 2004
A "ChainSaw" Is A 3-Some With 2 Girls On The End And A Guy In The Middle. The Guy With A Girl On Either Side Bent Over. He Has A Strap-On On His Butt. When It Comes Out One Girl It Goes In the Other.
"Woah! Ever Done A 3-Some With A Strap-On And 2 Chicks?"
"Dude, Please.. It's Called A ChainSaw. It's Pretty Freaking BadAss."
by Mandi Creek June 02, 2009
this act is done when a man buttfucking a girl gets tired, so he removes his johnson and begins shoving his arm in ant out of her asshole so it looks like a chainsaw
Nah bitch, I'm too tired to keep fuckin' yo fat booty, Imma give you tha chainsaw!
by t-boner February 21, 2003
An 18-pack of canned beer. When carried at one's side it resembles the size and shape of a chainsaw.
We're all out of beer. Head over to Pinecove and grab a couple chainsaws of Bud Light.
by Crew Middle Fork July 19, 2005
1. Nickname used to describe Zachariah.

2. Often found with his shirt off, Chainsaw loves to have his chest rubbed.

3. Everyone scream in jubilee for Chainsaw!!!
Chainsaw is awesome!!!
I would love if Chainsaw would hang out with me tonight...
Chainsaw is sexy!
I would love to bury my face in Chainsaw's hairy chest!!!!
by zachzachzachzach October 15, 2007
You get some anal beads, stick it to a chick, and pull 'em out quickly, as if you were revving a chainsaw.
Yo son, I chainsawed this bitch so hard she was bleeding like yo mama... yo.
by Philerykah December 24, 2006

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