Synonym for fuck. from the song F**k everything by Jon Lajoie
I don't give a chainsaw about what you think
by Dudepersonabout22231 August 01, 2011
Verb: When a huge penis is used during sex in a high speed, rough, back and forth motion, that resembles a chainsaw.
Jordan: Did you hook up with her last night?

Eddy: Not only did we hook up, I chainsawed her til she couldn't feel her legs.
by LVWP April 19, 2010
a girl with braces on ecstacy who gives u a blowjob, but she gurns on your cock at the same time.
dude 1: Oh man, last night my girlfriend chainsawed me.... i was bleeding for hours.

dude 2: aahhh, man!... what a bitch. Slap that monkey!
by mildexlark April 08, 2008
An 18-pack of canned beer. When carried at one's side it resembles the size and shape of a chainsaw.
Hey we're out of beer. Head down to Pinecove and grab a couple chainsaws of Bud Light.
by crewmiddlefork July 19, 2005
the answer to everything
person1: dude that guy said you were a brick flat on all sides
Person2:get me my chainsaw
by unicorn_juice April 28, 2012
A way to make a girl swallow!!!
Same grip used with a actual chainsaw!!!!

When your about to cum in her mouth, grab a fistful of hair on the top off her head and pinch her nose with the other hand and move her head back and forth.
by Chainsaw_lamymg December 22, 2009
A text message, so named for it's annoying, distracting buzz.
"Dude, what's that sweet metal riff?"

"Yo, man, someone chainsawed me!"
by Mr Chainsaw June 15, 2009

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