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slang term for female anatomy
Oww! You just hit me in the cha chi!
by cky_isurmom May 23, 2005
The new word for swag
That's so chachi; this song is so chachi
by Chachinesstic May 25, 2011
Pajama bottoms that are worn during "couch time".
"Hey Jessica, let's put on chachi pants and watch Idol!"
by Chacharino March 23, 2007
Paying to fellate a male prostitute.
"It's $20 for a Chachi, and $40 for a Fonzie"
by Sparkles Chronike January 04, 2008
A gigantic homo from "Happy Days"
chachi sucks fonzi
hey, sounds like a new sitcom?
by mavros April 22, 2006