Origin: INDIA

Indian word for father's younger brother's wife.
Meet my chacha and chachi.
#chacha #chachi #dada #dadi #papa #mummy
by djNAMAN April 29, 2007
(Adj.) A word people in New Jersey say to express an awkward moment.
Tim and Bob are hanging out and Bobs mom walks past them.

Tim:Your moms so hot.
#awkward #weird #funny #chachee #nice
by Chachihuman August 20, 2013
Chachi Loves Joanie
A term that means you are jonesing for some cocaine.

Derived from the fact that Cha Chi loved Joanie and thus implying that you too have a strong desire for Joanie

Please see Joanie
Cha Chi,Joanie strong ,love,desire
#joanie #cha chi #love #strong #fact
by dellarr2815 February 04, 2010
A word used to insult another person, who at the current time is showing tendecies of expressing un-cool, or undesirable behaviors.
Girl- This guy keeps following me around at the bar.
You- What a chachi.

You- Hey dude, are you almost ready togo to this party?
Friend- I haven't even started to get ready dude.
You- Way to be on time chachi.

You- Hey wheres chachi?
Friend- Probably off touching himself, like a chach.
#chachi #chach #what a dick #what a chach #you chach
by doolinism January 19, 2011
1. When something is grimey; low class.

2. something gross
"Eww, what is that girl wearing? That is so chachi."

"That club was so chachi, I dont wanna go back there ever again."
#gross #low class #nasty #grimey #crusty
by ChoMaster September 18, 2009
A sexual act involving the bung hole.
and to finish me off she went a did a chachi
#bung hole #brendan #sex #position #bum
by mrrammalangadingdong January 26, 2011
An oblivious person with low class qualities pretending to be something better than they are. Attempts at being hip or cool. Similar to the character known as "Leisure Suit Larry" but with just a bit more updating. Fronts as being tough, when in actuality they are scrawny and beyond pathetic.
Did you see what that chachi at myspacedotcom/400468434 put today?
#poser #loser #pathetic #low life #clown
by Pest Control 1900 March 01, 2010
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