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What you call a person who acts like a mongoloid (a complete idiot) but whom you also have mutual respect for. It doesn't matter how the person acts, but by calling them a "chabe" you still think they are chill.

Originates from the root words "chode" (a chode) and "abe" (a cool person)
Person 1: Yoooo bro!
Person 2: Sup chabe!
by swaaaagg October 05, 2011
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A seriously hot Chinese babe
Fuck me, did you just see that chabe walking!
by Chabe_lover April 11, 2011
a really hott lesbian

ch- comes from cha cha
-abe is from babe
I wish she wasn't a chabe! I would totally do her!
by Aleh July 18, 2005

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