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You can "pull a Ch33zz" when a girl offers to have sex with you but you decline. Then try and say you know all about sex because you had it even though you didn't.See Coverdick
"Hey Jake, did you bone Wendy last night" said Derek. "Yeah, man i did her so hard when i stuck my balls in her pussy!." said Jake. "Don't even try it Jake, i saw you in your house last night waxing your weasel!" exclaimed Mark. "Don't pull a ch33zz!" said Derek
by Cheatachu March 09, 2008
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Someone who gets an offer by a girl to knock her up, but refuses; someone who doesn't want to have wonderful sex.
"Man, why didn't you sleep with Wendy, she pleaded with you!?" Asked John. "I didn't want to get her pregnant" Replied Jake. "Man, you're such a ch33zz"
by Inuphant January 24, 2008
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