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1. (noun) Any cigar that has been freshly inserted into, and properly marinated within the vagina of a sexually attractive, amply aroused woman before being contentedly and luxuriously smoked. An age-old practice first widely popularized by former President Bill Clinton.

2. (verb) to prepare a cigar for smoking by inserting it into the vagina of a hottie for pussy-juice marination prior to smoking.
NOUN: He opened the Fedex envelope to 3 exquisite "Ceviche Robusto" cigars, lovingly marinated within the tight wet pussy of his secret mistress, Nora...he looked forward to smoking the first on a balcony overlooking the beach with a snifter of fine port.

VERB: Though she lived in New York, and he lived in L.A., once a month, she'd warm herself up with a dildo, and then CEVICHE ROBUSTO a few cigars to mail them to her lover so that he could enjoy the rush of a fine cigar marinated betwixt her luscious loins...and think of her.
by Fidel TapThatAsstro September 22, 2011
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