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A "Cephas" is a person who ditches his bros for hoes he can't get. The name is typically used in a derogatory manner, as nobody likes being called a "Cephas."
On another level, one may also be called "Cephas" in regard to his unusually poor hacky-sack skills. It is common to shed the blame on "Cephas" if he disrupts the flow of a group of young men attempting to achieve what is called a "hack."
"Man, you're really acting like a Cephas today" or "Stop Cephasing around"
by Cephas Sanchez February 06, 2009
14 12
Small light in the dark
Hey, it's dark in here!

I light up a candle, it can serve as cepha
by TSAVXXVII September 28, 2009
1 1
STD; Monkey looking creature with knuckles dragging the ground
"Dude, are you alright? You look like you may have the Cephas."
by JaMaMa03XX March 03, 2010
4 5
a person who ignores his/her friends
Because my friend ditched me at the movie theater, our group of friends started calling him "cephas."
by Adam56 March 23, 2008
7 16