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Anyone who has the last name Celis basically has protection from the Mafia for his/her whole life. Celis' once saved the Mafia gang from an oncoming onslaught of the Latin Kings, now do you know why they don't exist anymore? Because of that the Mafia granted full protection to any Celis and would make their life as luxurious as they wanted. Also the Celis' are known of their charming Charisma and great looks.

Tony Celis:Hi,um can I get it the club now? It's been 20 minutes and I've already seen like 5 people leave.

Security Guard:Well you're just going to have to stay here for 20 more minutes then! I ain't bustin open no doors for some punk ass like you?

Tony Celis:Sir.. do you know who I am?

Security Guard:Yeah, I know you're a punk ass!

Tony Celis: My name is Tony Celis you stupid fuck! And unless you open those damn doors I am going to fuckin take your head and shove it up your ass so deep you'll be shitting out of your fuckin mouth for the next month.

Securit Guard: Oh my God!.... your a...a..a Celis...Sir I am so sorry about the whole misunderstanding. Please come in...

by fuckface102 March 20, 2009
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That mom is such a celi
by uberdoob March 15, 2009
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