a name for a girl, originated in spain. Used in Medieval Times as the name for an ale beer. Also, the name of two mountains in China that are shaped like boobs.

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*Hey Celia, can you come here for a second please??*

year 1398

*Hand me some celia, Duke.*
by yoooouuuuu November 17, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who is pure of heart. She wishes to please those around her and is an excellent team player. She is very passionate and expresses all emotions with her soul, especially when she loves. Celia is a "hopeful" romantic who will search 'til the ends of the earth to find her soul-mate and will never settle for anything less. She is extremely loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect the people that she loves. She is caring and sweet, and will stay by your side when you're down or sick. Although her loyalty runs strong, take caution; once you betray Celia, she will easily write you off. Not because she's cold and unforgiving, but because she is wise beyond her years and knows that the friends you will have forever are those who you can count on to never hurt you with intention. Celia is magnetic to all that meet her, with beauty, brains, and her witty sarcasm and good humor; how can anyone resist her?
Celia, you're such a great friend.

Oh, did you hear what Celia said? She is so wittily sarcastic. Hahaha =)

Don't cross Celia; she will cut you!
by CeBone11 April 13, 2010
A really cute girl who doesnt deserve what she's going through.
That Celia E. sure is cute.
Too bad she isnt feeling too well.
by Jefferystix12345 November 13, 2006
A beutiful woman with very bad luck
She looks like a Celia
by Badu February 25, 2005
Celia Pronounced: Seel-ee-ah n,

1. a female person; 2. It is of Latin origin. From Caelia, feminine form of the old Roman family name Caelius, possibly meaning "heaven". Sometimes also used as a short form of Cecilia; 3. beautiful, talented individual;

see also; beautiful, stunning, amazing, sensational.
"Celia: The one that makes my sun rise, and never set with her everlasting beauty that Shakespeare only dreamed about writing."
by PeterrPann February 06, 2010
Celia is the most beautiful girl that everyone wants to be with and whoever she chooses to be with her is the luckiest guy in the world. She has the curse of being so cute that so many people get attracted to her and constantly try to get her for themselves, so the chance of being with her is very small. That one person that succeeds must be very lucky indeed.
I feel like the greatest man in the world because everyone wants Celia but I got her for myself.
by vahewouvfhoi32hjfio3qj90qw July 06, 2011
She is the best friend you could ever have. She will always have your back and always is true to your friends. If she doesn't like you it is for a good reason. Athletic, optimistic, enthusiastic, funny without trying, weird, awesome, smart, caring, beautiful, kind, wise girl. She has a lot of friends who love her for her. She occasionally may something hurtful without knowing she said it. If you backstab her then she will drop your friendship because she is wiser than her age. She knows that true friends don't intentionally hurt someone.
Have you met Celia?
Yeah, she is the best.
by sugarcupcake October 28, 2015
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