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Is a name of a guy that looks like two handsome actors in one, but with a 10inch soft. He will always put a smile on your face, sometimes cant control his mouth or actions but that's what makes him who he is. He will always be there for you unless he had a massage scheduled. People blessed with this name will have intercourse with miss america, save a cat out of a tree, naked backflip into a pool, take a fall for a punishment, be a true friend, bicycle kick Chuck Norris,and then throw a 200mph baseball through the earth all while eating a sandwich he got a girl to make him, Easy Monday. He is so nice and giving when he sees a homeless person holding a sign begging for money he will have sex with them just so they know that someone cares.
Hey look there is Cawley with another homeless man, what a nice guy.
by 1wingman viper September 04, 2011
1 comes from the Greek word cawlius which translates as skunk or skank. 2 modern development refers to a person who is very gullible.
1 jeez that girl in the corner looks like some cawley

2 oh my god she would believe they took gullible out of the dictionary if you told her, she is so cawley.
by thabius knowsalot January 19, 2007