A place where there are the good; armenians, georgians, some ossetians and some russians. The allright; some ossetians, some azeris, daghestanis. And the downright assholes; some chechens, some russians, some ossetians, some azeris, some armenians and all adygs, abkhaz, abaza, cerkess, etc.
caucasia, the south is ok but the north needs a little clean-up.
by the truth August 18, 2003
Top Definition
Apparently, my homeland.
"Mommy, where do Norwegians come from?"
"And Canadians?"
"What about Caucasians?"
"Caucasia. Shut up."
by Homeless Caucasian March 02, 2005
white people from the island of caucasia which is off the coast of Oklahoma.

The author John Foster used this reference to his
The author John Foster used this reference to his friend Kevin Piepkorn,I am a Caucasian from Caucasia.
by chillywillie May 22, 2011
the female version of caucasian
(white female version of a negress)
black gurl:hey was up caucasia
white gurl: wut up negress
by fallujah October 06, 2005
This word is the equivalent to "nigger". Since we white people have gone through years of oppression, we can use the word freely, but if a black person were to use the word, a white person has to right to jump that said black person.
Black Person #1: Whats up caucasia?
White Person #1: What the fuck man, that shit is offensive!!!!

5 Minutes Later...

White Person #1: Whats up my caucasia?!
White Person #2: Nothin' much caucasia, just got done shopping at the Gap.
by Krizay666 August 12, 2009
apparently where white people come from, rumored to be an island in the Mediterranean.
"i long to do the dance of the white people on the mother shores of Caucasia!"
by Liz aka Cracker March 19, 2003
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