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1. Where dumbshits think norwegians are from.

2. Norwegian without the n.
Dood: Those godamned norwegians need to go back to fucking Norwegia!
Norwegian: Norway
Dood: What was that?
*The norwegian beats the shit out of the random ass guy*
by Dr. Crowley May 22, 2009
Polish for "Norway"
Norwegia państwo położone w Europie Północnej na Półwyspie Skandynawskim.
by hardcorepanda December 19, 2010
Home of the goats Norwegia is a holy, united, strong and brave country supported by a very large number of farms, seven elevens, hillbillies, goats and chickens on rafts. The Norwegian national anthem is the shut up woman get on my horse song. Norwegia has an army of winged shotgun wielding goats an hillbillies for more information look at the goatism definitions.
Dude I bet that guy is from Norwegia look at his plowing technique.

The winged shotgun wielding norwegian goats are attacking!!!

That is some amazing seven eleven operating skills you have there.
by goat king May 09, 2013
where norwegians coem from

history teacher:meet the new norwegian forgien exchange student

student:wheres norwegia?

by shawn im so kool October 22, 2005
The place Norwegianians are from. Generally well known as a major shit-hole. Has the largest known market for cod-fish rapists. Cod-Raping is a national sport in Norwegia. There have been many attemps to make it a olympic sport. For more information see cod rapist.
That damn norwegianian from norwegia keeps trying to rape my cod.
by iamalex April 22, 2009
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