Top Definition
1. "dipped out"
2. "scandalous"
- Hey you want to come to the party tomorrow?
- oh fur sure! ill bring the booze!
(next day)
- aye were you at? the party started a long time ago.
- oh sorry bro i cant make it, i forgot to tell you
- dang you catted (medium tone)
by Gonzo fo sho December 19, 2009
shut down, rejected, a loser, a nobody, michelle
we went to the club and that b*tch michelle was catted
by JOSEE June 26, 2007
Copied. As in copy cat.
"Jammer catted griminal wiv its a looot"
by CattedCatCatsCatted April 05, 2008
to be stoned, marijuana
im so catted.

smokin some cat
by jonjones2thehookfield June 22, 2010
Being Flat Out Ugly As Fuck To The Point Where Even A miracle Could Not Help
Yo that bitch over there is catted as fuck
by TinkerBelen Da Kidd August 08, 2007
Containing a density of cats, such as found in an urban or suburban environment.
The little gecko didn't stand a chance in such a heavily catted neighbourhood.
by Pengo April 21, 2008

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