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Catherine is the sweetest thing! She is someone whose heart is pure and in whom you can trust. Everyone needs a Catherine in one's Life because she makes it great and magnificient: treasures are more precious than ever when you are with her and she also makes you follow your dreams! Catherine is not only a wonderful friend, she's beautiful and lovely too in addition to make everything look super-duper cool!!!!
Lovely as Catherine!

Wish I could be Catherine!

Let's ask Catherine how she does to be so greeeeeat!
by ArianaMalaïka February 06, 2010
A beautiful girl that is known to be uberly awesome. She is very easy-going and knows how to make someone laugh. Always extremely pretty, many people are captivated by her looks. She is loved by her boyfriend so very much, and is probably the luckiest guy in the world. Her specialness makes her stand out from everyone else, and always makes people smile. She likes strawberries very much, and owns many appliances and products that are associated with strawberries. Catherine is the second definition of awesome.
"Why is that awesome girl eating so many strawberries?"

"Oh, thats because she's Catherine"
by krnmuffin March 29, 2010
A kind, funny, life-loving individual who brightens everyone's day. A great advice giver and a truly wonderful best friend.
Girl 1: Hey there's Catherine
Girl 2: Yeah, we can always talk to her :]
by xSomebody September 05, 2010
Somebody who is awesome. She will always be there for you whenever you need her. Catherine is hilarious and will provide you with hours of jokes. She is quaint, dashing and rather pretty. Although at times she can be overly sensitive she can still be strong and will give your ass a right beating if you mess with her. Catherine is just utterly amazing. If you meet a Catherine, congratulations, your life is now complete.

Goddess Sexy Dayum
Person 1: Hey, you know who is awesome?
Person 2: No, who is awesome Person 1?
Person 1: Catherine.
Person 2: I strongly agree.
by MissCathM March 05, 2012
She's a kickass girl who looks shy - until you get to know her. Once you're friends, she's loyal to the end, and every day spent with her will fly by. She'll make you laugh like you've never laughed before. Music is her life, and she's got a voice like an angel. She's beautiful and smart, and no guy can resist her. She's easy going and down to earth, and once you meet her, she'll never stop brightening up your day.
Guy: Who's that chick there? She's gotta be a Catherine.
by rozonday May 21, 2011
A awesome, girl, who beasts at everything, and is awesome at sports who knows how to do everything, super smart and can beat you down. The greatest chick you will ever meet.
Yea I know, thats Catherine!
by Beast18 February 22, 2011
Catherine's are funny,nice,sweet,beautiful,honest,and loyal.
Are always there for you.and you can always trust a Catherine. (: Catherine's are the sunshine. She is some-one who cares for everyone from top to bottom .Catherine's are the best of the rest ! ! ! C:

Girl1= Who is that girl with the blue shirt ? o:

Girl2= That's Catherine ! :D <3

Girl1= Ohh. She's looking fine today c:

Girl2= She looks fine EVERYDAY <3 !
Catherine's are funny,nice,sweet,beautiful,honest,andloyal.
Are always there for you.and you can always trust a Catherine. (: Catherine's are the best of the rest ! ! !

Catherines whom's heart is pure, She loves to help.
Catherines can be pretty shy. But when you know her, she's the one to make you smile <3
by Catherines_sunshine August 31, 2012