I'm not sure why everyone seems to think Catherine is perfect, or great at everything. Catherine's are not. They are strong, they will bottle everything up so no one else will have to listen to them, unless you're their best friend. They are quiet, until they know you better (although they're working on it). Catherine's are beautiful, even though they may not think so because they don't attract much attention. Catherine's are loyal, and once you have their loyalty they will follow you to the ends of the damn earth. Catherine's are giving and compassionate, even if they lead you to believe otherwise. Catherine's are ignored often, but if you stop and listen to what they have to say, you'll find it was worth your while.
Guy: who's that over there?

Girl: uhm....idk
Guy: oh ok. I'm not gonna ask.

Girl: oh yeah! It's Catherine!

Guy: *already moved on and is talking to some other girl*
by Caterinabroski March 01, 2015
A beautiful ballerina who dances through you with a smile and a laugh, full of grace and balance. She is a wonderful mother and a remarkable lover. If you should be so blessed as to encounter a Catherine, give her your heart and she will expand your soul.
"I met a total Catherine last night but a Clayton swept her up before I had a chance!"

"Man, no wonder that girl is such a Sadie; with a mother like Catherine and a dad like Clayton how could it have been any other way?"
by artspoken April 26, 2012
Has nice boobies, fuckable.
I wanna fuck Catherine.

She's fuckable
by LeJoePoe December 10, 2013
A very sexy, outgoing, big booty judy, luscious lips, and big titty mama. She is the best dill you can ever get. She will make your frown go upside. Outstanding personality and has a mean craving for cookies. She is blonde haired and her legs are fabulous. She is always happy except when she's on her period. She will act like she won't know you around others and try to avoid you. She is a creative and wet kisser. She will start off fast so you better catch up. She ain't gonna cum so you most likely have to ejaculate first. She loves to wear Spandex and is a terrific dancer. She hates bad coffee so she goes to starbucks and waste all your money. She is always looking forward to dances but doesn't want to buy 300$ dresses. She is a blusher when you flirt with her. She got mighty dimples, and can hold a cock in her mouth. She can be moody sometimes but you just gotta massage her back and she be up and poppin tags. She likes to chew gum and loves making funny faces. If you look at her for a long time she will start laughing at nothing and she likes cock. She also wants a dildo for her 18th birthday. Extremely sexy smile, loves Asians. Likes to put stylus in her mouth. Has style and background. She is one of the hottest, cutest, most booty poppin, twerkin, jerkin girls I have ever met. When she has boyfriends I be jealous how she strips down in 3 seconds and starts poppin on the jimmer.
Jake: No I'm stupid
Jake: Sucks I broke up with her cause I'm obsessed with twinkies.....
John: Fatass
by WhiteVan September 25, 2013
The most awesomest friend you could ever have. Usually has long thin hair and filipino. Loves to cook and is pretty. Does her hair a lot and loves putting makeup on her friends. Her best friend's name would possibly be Isabel. Not really athletic and can be really annoying but you still love her. She's seriously good at crafts and favorite color is pink. Oh and she's awesome. P.S she loves to party and is scared of the dark and she's loud.
random person #1: hey dude who's that crazy loud girl partying??

random person #2: don't you know? that's catherine. she's been partying all night.

random person #1: oh. she's hella cool!!
by her best friend---> December 22, 2011
A well-meaning individual, one who endeavours to remain ahead of the game but may, on occasion, fall short. A trier.
Husband: 'How did you manage to get locked in the bathroom?'
Catherine: 'I was just thinking about some really good storage boxes I saw in the catalogue and got distracted. I'm doing my best.'
by theyoungest November 08, 2010
A fucking hoe bitch who sends nudes left and right while having a boyfriend. She seems to be nice and wants everybody to like and be her friend. After you get to know her she'll pull a 180 and turn around and get you fucking SUSPENDED from your school for a week. She CRAVES guys attention. She acts all sweet to authority figures so she can get in their good graces. She isn't even good at cheerleading and has an ugly face and disproportional body. She deserves to rot in hell. If I were to describe she'd be a penny, two-faced and worthless.
"Why would you want to be friends with catherine???"
by sillyface500 January 25, 2015

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