The result of a hell hole hitting a cataclysm
"Yeah, what's it called when a hell hole hits a cataclysm, a ah catastrophuck...i just coined that didn't i???" -Jon Stewart, Daily Show
by TheFarmer October 04, 2006
Top Definition
the situation you are faced with after a massive disaster, something bigger than a clusterfuck
"This tornado/earthquake/hurricane has created a huge Catastrophuck"
by BigKleck December 23, 2009
When a hell hole hits a catalysm. The ultimate stage of a disaster. Coined in the early 21st century, on 3rd October, 2006.
Mostly use when a play on words in intented especially in terms of political inadequacies.
By invading Iraq, the USA got itself into a catastrophuck.
by awjq November 10, 2006
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