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Above the water: "It is a place of active learning--of collaborative individual inquiry. It is a place where it is safe to make mistakes and possible to make a difference. It is a place to preserve childhood and to prepare for adulthood--where rigorous expectations and playful habits of mind are equally important. It is a place where students of all ages find joy in learning, and come to embrace it as a life long pusuit." -Waynflete.org

On the level: Waynflete is a an elite, if alternative private highschool in Portland, ME. It is very concerned with fostering free (their) thought and promoting free (depends which side of the aisle) speech. They try so hard to foster diversity and intercultural understanding, but let's not forget they're in the whitest state in the nation.

It could in other words be termed a liberal minded hippie school in its politics, though a presigious college preparatory day school in its academics. Many will tell you they are glad to be out, but everyone will tell you college is nothing after having had waynflete to get them started.

this is a time specific entry for the graduating classes of and around '03 and other generations ought to give their input as well.
Dude: what the hell is a coffee table test anyway????
Bro: yeah, i don't know, i think it's a Waynflete thing
by TheFarmer July 31, 2006
A conscivore isn't a vegan, a vegetarian or even an omnivore, per se. The conscivore is defined by his/her conscientious choices made during the food purchasing and consumption process. They may primarily be vegetarian, while occasionally infusing their diet with locally produced/organic meat. Similarly, a consivore is aware of the origins of their milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, trying wherever possible, to eat fresher and closer to home.
Snob-nozed vegetarian: "hey you're no vegetarian, i saw you eating steak the other night when I came over!!"

Conscivore: "yes, on occasion I eat meat, but only from local and/or organic sources. And no, I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a conscivore, and the planet and I are healthier because of it."
by TheFarmer January 22, 2008
The result of a hell hole hitting a cataclysm
"Yeah, what's it called when a hell hole hits a cataclysm, a ah catastrophuck...i just coined that didn't i???" -Jon Stewart, Daily Show
by TheFarmer October 04, 2006
to be exceedingly bothersome, annoying

to rub someone the wrong way
oh man, that really chaps my ass

dude, that kid really chaps my ass
by TheFarmer July 17, 2006

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