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Cat style (similar to doggy style) is a sex position in which the female lays on her stomach while arching her ass in the air. The position resembles a cat ready to pounce.
"Dude, me and my girl did cat style last night. I guess you could say I pound the pussy."
by Yah Boi Dom October 21, 2009
A sexual position where one person licks their fist then bats it on the vagina. Also, one of the participants helps the other lick their own balls like a cat. And then the man ejaculates in a bowl while the other drinks the semen like a cat would drink milk.
"How did your date go last night?"

"I put dat bitch in da mufuckin cat style yaa mean homie boii"
by Sgt. Nipples~ November 28, 2012

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