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The process of cutting off a male's genitals.
I'll castrate you with a chicken's beak if you say pwn is pronounced "pween" one more time.
by Joseph September 18, 2004
510 159
to get your balls cut off
my girlfriend castrated me when she found out i was cheating on her.
by 69 December 23, 2004
377 116
take away ones "manhood".
"He broke your heart?! LETS CASTRATE THE BOY!"
by broken_dollie December 15, 2004
262 105
to dismember a dude, to cut of his balls
if you dont listen to me, Ill flat out castrate you!...BITCH!
by Chaquita Bannana August 03, 2005
199 88
To remove a man's genitalia.
I'm gonna castrate you.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
153 88
To remove the male testicles or the female ovaries

To render infertile
Eunachs were castrated at birth.
by Becca K November 01, 2007
77 43
Two Slice through the meat of ones ballsack
abe i will castrate your pakistanian genitals if you dont leave me da fuck alone!
by Tanya Radical February 25, 2008
42 63