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Slang for the wee village of Cassopolis, Michigan. Refers to the inherent ghetto-ness of said village, which features a high school in the middle of a cornfield, one traffic light, and a multitude of gansta wannabes and rednecks. Also proudly proclaims itself as the hometown of Edward Lowe, inventor of kitty litter...reach for the stars, Cassompton.
Jeebs: God, I hope I can get out of Cassompton after graduation.
Bubba: Yeah, otherwise we're gonna be detassling corn and hanging out at Porky's (gas station) for the rest of our lives. Dude, pass the joint already.
Jeebs: Mmmm, but they do have some kick-ass (deep-fried potato) mojos.
Bubba: True dat. Let's go get some.
by L'il $horty September 19, 2007
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