Carpinteria, California, sounds peaceful.
Marijuana, Booz
1) town where people get shorter every year
2) home of the noctorious CX3
3) home of the noctorious STD
4) home of the horrible L.O.G. ewww
5) secs include punks, surfers, the ampitheater gang, metal heads, outcast, and what not

6) CHS milk water USA
more carp quotes:

"stupid asian"
"stupid mexican"
"eeeee squirrel"
"how post are you?"
"shoal head"
"get 'em"
"get your dome fool"
"(name) sports"
"beat bishop"
"school is gay"
" Z on that one"
"rager on saturday"
by Institutionalized January 22, 2005
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place in southern california near mountains and sea.......
lots of marijuana is smoked here...
has a school named CHS...
quotes from carpinteria:

"its diddy fool"
"naw fool"
"snotcha way"
"Get get get"
"let me get that apple"
"anyone have any money"
"dude im so lit"
"your mom goes to college"
"go warriors"
"noooo its broncville overthere"
"get your dome"
"hey hey hey... dirty..."
"hey hey hey.. a b c d e f g.."
"get to class"
"so are we gonna rage"
"im your daddy"
by Institutionalized January 22, 2005
The most peaceful and nicest beach in the world to give head.
I like giving head at the beach in Carpinteria.
by sweet hyna_69 March 24, 2005
Small coastal town in Southern California with a nice beach.
Has ridiculously overpriced housing. Population wise, it has an above average ratio of assholes to normal people.
Also known as the left armpit of SoCal.
Carpinteria is such a backward town. Glad I got out of that shitful place.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
A vErY hIgH lItTlE tOwN!

"I'm so lit!"
"Yeah, guy."
"Where's all the bitches at?"
"Get lit"
"Let's go kick it in the creek!"
"Fuckin crackheads!"
"Crack whore!"
"Yeah, there's a crackhead"
by C-Sizzle April 02, 2005
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