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Chill town, not racist at all. Yes it is primarily white but that doesn't mean everyone is racist. Besides, most people are cool cause they are either drunk or high. Natty light is the primary beer and Georgi is the liquor of the place only cause the price is nice. Small town so hitting on girl is a risk cause chances are, their already taken (which is 90% why people fight). Other than that, if you're a cool dude looking for a chill time, CP isn't that bad.
#carle place #cp #frog hollow #green and white #frogville
by WoWer142 April 02, 2011
A weird town where there little league teams wear their cups on the outside of their black baseball pants. Definitely stay away, unless you want to catch "CPS", Carle Place Syndrome.
My little brother played Carle Place in baseball yesterday, they won 50-0 and those losers were wearing their cups outside of their baseball pants.
#carle place #baseball #little league #carle #place
by nyyanks34 May 06, 2013
A place where if you are non white you will not like. High School is camerad up and has mad security for no reason. The students of Carle Place H.S. and security guards except one are racist. This town sucks man, dont waste your time unless u like getting trashed on mikes lemonade are white or white acting spanish who cud pass for white.
Yo nigga where u at? In Carle place...ohh damn they call the cops on you yet? yepp why? I was the wrong race in the wrong place ( black)


Where are you sonn? In Carle Place hollain at this girl I was in the school but all these white people where lookin at me weird in the school then this security guard kicking me a A.P. scholar, honor roll student but black male out, If I was white that wudnt have happend, im never goin back to Carle Place! everrr
#racist #carleplacehsisracist #dntgothereminorities #payback is sweet! #trywestburyinstead
by Young Justice December 23, 2009
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