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The act of taking an object (preferably not yours) and swiping it between your asscheeks similar to swiping a credit card. Very efficient for quick, smooth paybacks. There is also a small chance to leave some Afterswipe, depending on how much is caught in your asspubes.
To get back at my ex-girlfriend, I card swiped her phone.
by DoutcheBag March 22, 2011
To card-swipe is to hold something between your butt cheeks when your hands are full in the similar motion of swiping a credit card.
Jon: Here take this DVD, my hands are full.

Taylor: Just card-swipe it.
by Jofin February 09, 2011
the act of getting a notebook or a rectangular shaped object and swipe between the persons legs hitting there ballsack
like a hotel key or a credit card - Card Swipe
by HarryJewberry October 03, 2011
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