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An adjective that describes any object that refers to or resembles the shape and form of a Dildo. Commonly used whilst describing architecture, or electronics.
Does anybody else think that tower looks slightly dildonic?

I'm not touching that remote, that thing is dildonic!
by DoutcheBag December 28, 2010
The act of taking an object (preferably not yours) and swiping it between your asscheeks similar to swiping a credit card. Very efficient for quick, smooth paybacks. There is also a small chance to leave some Afterswipe, depending on how much is caught in your asspubes.
To get back at my ex-girlfriend, I card swiped her phone.
by DoutcheBag March 22, 2011
An adjective used to describe nouns that possess qualities or features of diarrhea. You can judge by smell, texture, opaqueness, thickness, size, or shape to decide on whether or not the noun is diarrhyllic.
I'm too sure about swimming in that water man, it's looking a little diarrhyllic.
by doutchebag March 23, 2011
The possible aftermath of a Card Swipe. Generally, Afterswipe is a mix of rogue asspubes and all that gunk that gets caught in them after you defecate. For maximum effectiveness, try to limit the amount of times you wipe your ass before a planned Card Swipe.
Did you see all that Afterswipe I left on her phone?
by DoutcheBag March 22, 2011

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