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Captain Blackout.
What the fuck happened?
You tried to punch me in the face and threw up on my front porch :/
Fuckkk! They should rename captain morgan captain blackout o:
by relive2usfate July 09, 2011
The act of farting in someone's face while your leg is propped up.
Dude I totally had to Captain Morgan him
by YFAV October 03, 2013
when a man in his boxers puts one leg escalated while keeping the other on the floor alowing people to see the mans nutsack up his boxers.
Fred: hey shaggy look im captain Morgan :D
Shaggy: dude thats fuckn nasty put on some pants i dont wanna see your nutsack.
by desmond martin April 08, 2011
A refreshing blend of alcoholic beverages consumed by Ann.
Ann had fun with captainmorgan all night long.
by Will Morgan August 01, 2003
When you prop your leg up like Captain Morgan and fart in someone's face
Dude I totally Just pulled a Captain Morgan on Ryan
by Corn,FatFat&Lagtastical October 03, 2013
To approach ones sexual partner from the rear position; the male takes a knee to position himself behind ones partner in a manner similar to the stance of Captain Morgan, the mascot of spiced rum.
I saw a dude this morning who always comes into the office standing at the computers like a pirate... we call him Captain Morgan!

by Surakusa April 22, 2008
A sex position in which the girl sits on a bathroom sink and the guy strikes a Captain Morgan pose at the point of penetration
I walked in on my friend doing his girlfriend Captain Morgan-style the other day
by rtv0587 November 22, 2009